5 Songs about High School Memories & Experiences

Some people hated High School and could not wait to leave the place that made them miserable. Others wished that high school never ended, as they ‘peaked’ in high school. Most people though, whether they liked it or not, will one day look back at the simplicity of those times, when everything and everyone was organized into easy to comprehend groups. You basically only had to show up, and did not really have to think about what you had to do. Now you are in charge of everything, and are fully responsible for how you get yourself through the day. When you are young you have no idea of how difficult that sometimes can be.

No wonder quite a few artists celebrate high school memories, and high school experiences on days when adult life becomes too much. Here we have collected a few of the best songs about school and high school.

School’s out by Alice Cooper

My Old School by Steely Dan

My old School shows just how different people can experience high school. One might interpret the lyrics as a spiteful bitter jab at Dan's previous high school. Other see it more romantically, as a song about not wanting to go back to the place where you lost your high school sweetheart. But we think Steely Dan is making fun of nostalgic notions of high school all together.

School by Nirvana

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon

The Headmaster Ritual by The Smiths

My Old School by Steely Dan

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