5 songs about Insomnia – sleep deprived insomnia songs

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If you are so unfortunate to be an insomniac, there is not much that can comfort you. Even if you have difficulties falling a sleep once in a while, you know how horrible it can be. In pop culture insomnia has been looked at through all mediums, including the medium of music. We have listed the very best songs about insomnia that you make you fell less alone in bed when you are staring at the ceiling again.

5 Sleep deprived insomnia songs

1. Insomnia – Faithless

Let’s kick the list of with a song that holds insomnia in the title. This huge hit by Faithless is the second single, but by far the most successful. It just oozes desperation of wanting to sleep, but making it a really powerful emotion at the same time.

2.”I’m So Tired”- The Beatles

Love does crazy things to a man’s brain. Lennon wrote this song when he was suffering from insomnia. He blamed it being being apart from his wife Yoko Ono at the time. The song beautifully describes the frustration of wanting to sleep desperately, but your mind going crazy with thoughts.

3. I Didn’t Get to Sleep at All – The 5th Dimension

Here again, Love is the culprit. This song by the 5th dimension describes the sensation of first telling someone you love them, and how that can keep you awake at night. It’s a feeling everyone will recognize. It just give you way to much energy.

4.¬†I Can’t Sleep Baby(If I) – R.Kelly

Making mistakes in love is fuel for sleepless nights. R. Kelly can’t sleep because he feels crappy about how he has treated someone he loved.

5. Sleepless Night РThe Kinks

Nothing keeps you up as much as being rejected. The Kinks describe such a sleepless night, when you girl has got another.

We haven’t assembled a list of songs about insomniac that will help you sleep, the above songs are not soothing or relaxing, but they are simply meant to make you feel less alone. Know any other songs that should be included on our insomnia list? Please let us know!

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