Is it possible to make music on your phone?

There is virtually nothing that you cannot do on your mobile phone nowadays. You can stream your favorite movies and series, play all sorts of games, from mmorpg to pay by phone casino during your breaks, or create amazing stuff.  If you are a music lover, then the smartphone is truly a godsend. You can listen to your favorite tunes by saving them on your phone or by streaming them online. There are tons of music streaming apps now, with Spotify as one of the most popular ones.

But what if you are a budding musician or artist? Can you cut a single on your phone? Absurd, you say? It really is absurd because it is possible! Decades ago, it was next to impossible to make music if you did not go to a music recording studio. Aside from the usual microphones, monitors, and pop filters, you needed a studio mixing desk or workstation, studio rack mounts, power conditioners, amps, and monitor management to name a few. So aspiring singers and artists back in the day had to raise funds to hire a professional studio. So no matter how talented you were, it was quite challenging to get your music out.

Fast forward to the 80s and 90s, technology gave musicians a break by developing computers and computer software to mimic professional music production equipment at home or in someone’s garage. It became easier to produce music, make copies, and get your music out there quickly.

But wait, there is more! Since we are in the 21st century, and everyone is on mobile, software developers did artists a favor by coming up with apps to really make music using your smartphone. No matter if you are a professional, a beginner, or just an avid music fan, you can produce that dream single and / or album in the comfort of your bedroom.

Voice recorders

Smartphones have built in voice recorders to take dictation or record anything. With voice recorder apps available for free on iOS and Android, you get high-quality PCM and MP4s and send them in easy to read formats.

Digital audio workstations (DAWs)

The development of DAWs is undoubtedly a breakthrough for musicians. Through DAWs, you are able to mimic expensive audio equipment that you would only normally find in a recording studio. The first that came out that revolutionized everything was GarageBand. This app allows you to record multiple tracks, then edit, filter, or play with it any which way you like. Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD is a more advanced music production app that gives you a mini-synthesizer, different instrument sounds, step sequencer, effects, pitch blending, sampling, wave editor, etc. This does not come for free though.

Release the music kraken in you and get crackin’ on your album!

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