Nick Deutsch – Crazy Ride

Nick Deutsch – Crazy Ride

Singer-songwriter Nick Deutsch presents a brand new music video entitled “Crazy Ride,” a track from his full EP of the same title. “Crazy Ride” introduces the pop rock artist on screen with a simple white background. Lyrics float softly around the screen as other characters and flash effects gradually appear. The track begins with a faint piano, then builds up with subdued drums and strings. Deutsch’s voice is the main focus. His vocals and lyrics entwine to produce a solid and beautiful delivery. Director Assal Ghawami and animator Tara Autovino have executed a simple, yet wonderful video. The lyrics speak of human life and how we humans live, love, lose and learn together. Life is a crazy ride; we’re part of a circle that is “forever growing” and “coming and going.”

Last year was an epic one for Nick Deutsch. He won second place in the American Songwriter’s May/June 2014 Lyric Contest. The talented musician also came out in his music video, “Run,” which portrays the romantic relationship between two men. Deutsch is gifted with unbelievable and refreshing vocals and lyrics that touch the hearts of his audience. You can check out his full EP, Crazy Ride, here.

Song by Nick Deutsch
Video Directed by Assal Ghawami
Video Animated by Tara Autovino


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